Message from our DC


A message from our New District Commisioner…

Welcome to Sutton Coldfield East Scout DistrictOur District is made up of 11 Scout Groups, 3 x Explorer Scout Units, 2 x Active Support Units and 1 x Network Unit. All our units are actively engaged in supplying a quality Scouting experience to all its members and if you want to be a part of this experience then all you have to do is surf onto contacts page on our web site and send us an email. We will get back to you pretty soon. All our Scout Groups run active programmes which are designed to develop Children as they grow up. We aim to give them the best experience of educational fun and games we can. The principle objective is to get them to think for themselves and put into practice what they learn in Scouting. We are into selling childhood experiences that they will value and carry into their adult life. There are huge opportunities that open up as the child progresses through the sections and only by being a scout will your child have these opportunities. Scouting is a vast organisation with about a membership of 38,000,000. It is spread across the entire planet and is in every country except 5. The games, the fun, the excitement, the adventure and the friends that they make are universal requirements for all children which is why the movement is still here after 100+ years and why it has spread as one of the biggest single idea exports that Great Britain has ever produced.

Scouting is meant to be fun and in Sutton Coldfield we stick by that mantra our founder Baden Powell set out for us in 1907 when he published Scouting for Boys. It is little known that it was the child readers of this the 4th biggest selling book in the world that created the Scout Movement by acting out the stories in the book. The adults had to play catch up. So on that note welcome to our world and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Nigel Speakman

Sutton Coldfield East DC