Adam Boulton is a trainee doctor at Birmingham University and is due to graduate this year. He started his Scouting Career in the 7th Sutton Coldfield Scouts and transferred to the Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit to get his award. He is currently an Assistant scout leader with the 7th Sutton Coldfield.

For his Queen Scout Award he did a 50 mile expedition in Snowdonia National Park. For his residential qualification he spent a week in a home for kids with Cerebal Palsey. For Cultural qualification Adam achieved his Explorer Belt on an Expedition to Italy. He travelled 80 miles across Italy over a period of 8 days. Mostly walking. He stayed with several families en route and was interviewed by the local TV station for the region and appeared in the local papers. For his service he took out a leader warrant with the 7thSutton Coldfield Scout Group and finally for his interest he learned to play the trumpet. He has played the last post on numerous occasions at remembrance services. Adam also plays in a band and tours the country playing venues. Finally Adam won a place on the UK contingent to attend the 100 year World Scout Jamboree at Hylands Park in Essex in 2007.

Nigel Speakman is District Commissioner for Sutton Coldfield East District and was appointed to the post in May 2013. He received his Silver Acorn for specially distinguished services to Scouting over many years. Nigel started out in his Scouting carrer in Birkenhead at age 7 with the 65th Birkenhead Scout Group and has never left Scouting. In 1966 he moved to Sutton Coldfield and joined the 1st Sutton Coldfield. Then in 1972 he joined the 7th Sutton Coldfield as an Assistant Scout Leader. He has stayed allied with the Group since then. Over the years Nigel has organized hundreds of Scout Camps both in the UK and abroad. The number of children he has been associated with runs into thousands. He has been sent 8 kids on World Scout Jamborees to UK, Canada and Japan. Many of his Scouts have achieved the Queen Scout Award and quite a few are leaders in Scout Groups around the country. He has sponsored a Scout Group in the Gambia and donated his own money to buy instruments so that they could form a Scout Band and earn an income for their Scout Group for the kids to attend the usual activities that UK kids take for granted. Nigel has organized District Activities from Football tournaments to District Scout Camps.

As District Commissioner he has had to deal with some very sensitive issues and also has managed to develop the District so that its membership has grown and it is taking on more adventurous activities. The District has opened 2 x new Explorer Units, 1 x new Scout Group at the Islamic Centre in Sutton Coldfield and 2 x existing groups have established new sections. Youth membership has grown 15.3% and Adults 17%.

Pamela Stanley started her Scouting Leadership career with the 14th Croydon Scout Group in 1955 as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader and stayed there till 1970. Having a family and moving to Sutton Coldfield Pam resumed her active Scouting Career in 1980 with the 11th Sutton Coldfield Scout Group as Cub Scout Leader and stepped down from the post in 1998. In that time she organized all sorts of activities for the children including week long Cub Scout Camps and days out. Plus the weekly programme for the kids to enjoy. She then became a Group Executive Committee member and has helped run the group ever since. She has been tireless in helping with, collecting subscriptions, organising Jumble Sales, Book Sales, and Coffee Mornings to raise money to keep the group going. She was through her administration skills able to lift the burden of collecting subscriptions from youth members. She also eased the administrative burden from uniformed Leaders by taking a leading role with the annual census. The smooth running of the Executive committee was in no small measure a direct result of her tireless work.

Whilst holding the role of Group Secretary there were a number of occasions were her input benefited the young people. The HQs had been completed in 1990. With others she took a key role in approaching a local charity to enable enhancements to be made to the headquarters, primarily sound deadening to reduce the echo the original building had. These improvements have been a huge benefit at every meeting since the work was completed. The young people enjoy a better environment since this work has been done.

The Group has had a mini bus for many years and it was decided that a replacement was required. Again with other members of the committee she approached the same local charity and money for a new mini-bus was obtained allowing young people to take part in more outdoor activities, including taking part in a trip to Germany. This success caused another problem as it was fund that the garage was not large enough. As secretary she took part in obtaining assistance from a member of the Group to carry out work to extend the garage which was essential to provide security for the vehicle. In 2014 and having passed her 80th birthday she stood down as Secretary but carried on with subscriptions and gift aiding which once again evened the load out amongst other members of the committee. Her had work made it so much easier for the Scouters to concentrate on giving the young people good Scouting.