Congratulations to all the teams from both Sutton Coldfield East and West for their participation in this exciting annual event on Powells Pool, Sutton Park, which took place last Saturday – 30th June.


The overall winners this year were 31st West and 5th East, with scores of 95 and 92 points respectively.  Both teams beat off stiff competition from the other 11 hard-working raft teams.

2nd place (overall) teams, 10th West and 7th East, however were also celebrating, having received awards for ‘Best Build’.


Technique and build quality were clearly important, as times ranged between 7 mins and over 15 mins to complete the route and stay afloat (lol) – whatever the times were, everyone worked so hard, and whether groups entered one or more teams to the event, they all made sure the event was a success.  Thanks to all the support staff (both on and off the water) for their efforts in organising a fantastic time.

Also worthy of commendation was the superb teamwork scores by everyone – with special mention for 1st West, 15th/18th West, 17th East and 7th East.


Full Results are as follows:

1st            31st West (Oar), 5th East (Shield and Oar winner)

2nd          10th West (Shield for ‘Best Build’), 7th East (Lashed Wood for ‘Best Build’)

3rd           16th East, 1st West

4th           17th East A and B (Joint), 15th/18th West

5th           2nd West/3rd East

6th           11th East

7th           6th East A

8th           6th East B