More than 150 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, leaders, and helpers are recovering from one of the greatest events they have ever been a part of. For some it was their first time in Gang Show. This includes the eight Beavers who completely stole the show on the Saturday matinee. Others like ex-producer Keith Ramshaw have been a part of the show since the first one in 1968.

What a Week!

This show marked a brave departure from the past in several ways. Firstly the opening number, “The Greatest Show”, was preceded by a prologue. This saw a number of the gang seemingly standing around on stage chatting before anything happens. Then in the style of a flashmob one the gang begins telling then singing to the others that it’s Gang Show day and get ready! The band joins in and senior members of the Gang enter in their winter coats from the back of the audience. The effect is truly amazing and brilliantly executed.

Secondly, Act One ended with the “Lost Legends” set. A tribute to famous people who have died young. Such as George Michael, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson. This ended with a portrait of much loved past East District Commissioner Nigel “Spook” Speakman. This was a poignant moment for cast, crew and those in the audience.

The Beaver Edition marked third brave new addition to the show. Devised and produced by Emma Sprigg and Rob Thomas, the Beavers performed in the matinee instead of the cubs. Some of the routines were changed and now included the obligatory “Baby Shark” routine. And, a solo comedy performance recounting a tale of aliens stealing washing from the line! The crowd called for more and the Beavers loved every minute!

The next Royal Sutton Coldfield Scouts Gang Show is only one hundred and three weeks away. Bring it on!